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Carrie's Writing and Kenya Blog

Getting Started!

by Carrie Reichartz on 08/03/15

Well, it has been a year of transitions for me! The From Lawyer to Missionary transition that I wrote about in my first book had nothing on this one. 

Though the first transition going from being a lawyer to a full-time in-home child care provided had a steep drop in income - from $175/hour to $175/week for 60 hours, this one was an emotional roller coaster in so many ways.

After my second last Kenya trip in November 2014 I returned home in the midst of the Ebola media hysteria, not surprisingly because of the media hype, though unwarranted medically, some parents were concerned about their very little ones being around someone that had been to Africa recently. And to be straight with you, my employee and her family were even more concerned. 

It brought to my forefront reality how much TV induced fear, terror, drama, changes peoples lives. And the sad part is most of it is unrealistic, out of proportion, and/or even untrue.

Our media use to be so careful about fact checking before reporting, but now I guess ratings/advertising control them and they just want to scare us out of our minds so we react by staying glued to their station watching their commercials.

People are accused of crimes or other things unjustly only later to be exchanged for the real person. 

Ebola or other health issues are blown way out of proportion to the actual threat and there is no honest reporting at all on specifics of who, what, where, when and how of these things. 

Even the weather has turned into drama. "This will be the storm of the century", we hear all the time. Most of those storms never even materialize, but we change our worlds to avoid them and we stayed glued to some TV or radio to keep informed about them. 

The media uses fear and even terror tactics to get us to watch so we think we will be able to protect ourselves I guess.  I for one am out of the game. I never was a real fan of the news. Too much drama. I realize bad things happen in this world, but a lot more good happens. I want to hear reports on that, at least in equal parts. 

The Ebola hysteria turned into a real life change for me.  More on that next time!  Join me again next week when we continue the journey....